D2C Liquor Brand

How we helped a D2C Liquor brand scale their revenue by 718% over a period of 1 year


increase in the transactions count


increase in the sessions count


growth in revenue for the company


The company had been in existence for nearly nine years in Hong Kong, but its digital presence merited a radical overhaul.

Services Used

Strategies Implemented

  • We began with the Brand Awareness and Reach Ads on Facebook and Maximize Clicks bidding on Google.
  • After gathering sufficient keyword data to work with, we formulated campaigns to drive conversions using Maximize Conversions and increase brand visibility among users by performing competitor searches using Target Impression Share.
  • We coupled this with Google Shopping Ads to optimize the brand’s search visibility.
  • On Facebook, we ran purchase-optimized conversion ads tailored for different user segments, following a TOFU and BOFU approach.

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