D2C Digital Accessories Brand

How we helped an emerging D2C Digital Accessories Brand scale their revenue by 300% over a period of 3 months


increase in revenue from Google & Facebook Ads


Considering the competitive niche, the client was struggling to generate an ROI of even 0.5. The main goal here was to increase the no.of orders and average order value and generate an ROI of 1 to start with.

Services Used

Strategies Implemented

Google Ads:

  • We observed that all the search campaigns were running on Maximize Clicks bidding strategy and we had enough data and required no.of conversions to move to Maximize Conversions. So we switched the bid strategy to Maximize Conversions.
  • For YouTube video ads we changed the objective from Product and brand consideration to Sales (Maximize conversions) and attached a product feed i.e ran a video action campaign. By doing this we started getting conversions from Videos ads wherein earlier the client was just getting views.
  • For Display Ads we switched to Placement targeting option by targeting specific videos and channels to bring in more in-market audience and drive more conversions.
  • Added relevant audience segments to all the campaigns under observation and increased the bidding for the converting segments.
  • The account structure was overhauled to group similar ad groups thereby decreasing the number of duplicate keywords and triggering intended ads for the specific keywords. Considering the large volume of the keywords and being synonymously used for each other this activity was imperative.

Facebook Ads:

  • We launched the Catalog Retargeting Ads with the target audience being the past website visitors who didn’t convert in the last 14 days. Here we gave a discount coupon code to drive the conversions. It was also important to check if the product field values were being passed correctly so we focused on rectifying all the errors that were thrown under Events in Commerce Manager.
  • We combined the ad sets targeting similar audiences under a single campaign to avoid spreading out the budget and reduce the learning period and avoid Learning limited.
  • The ads per ad set were kept at least 2 to avoid ad fatigue and this also helped to drive more conversions and get insight as to what kind of creatives performed well.

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